Flow & Restore

Sunday TBC 10am-11.30am

Dina Cohen
Yoga Disco Treat

Second Spring Disco Flow with Yoga Nidra: 10am-11.30am TBC

A 90 minute class, gentle warm-up, Disco dancing,  restorative stretching and relaxing and intention setting with Yoga Nidra.

We’ll mobilise all major muscle groups and joints, practicig energising breaths,  thoroughly preparing the body before building up to our 15 minute free flow Disco. Yoga Nidra (a deeply luxurious guided relaxation) will complete this delicious ensemble,  encouraging profound rest and setting you up for the rest of the day.

You will need a few props to enjoy this fully:
A cushion for your head,
A blanket or shawl
Optional eyepillow (or you can use a rolled up t-shirt or face towel)

Dancing is great for everything, especially when we struggle to find the motivation to stay active. Here’s how it helps:

~ burning calories to mitigate weight gain
~ moving energy through major muscle groups
~ raising heartrate
~ uplifting mood
~ boosting connectivity between brain hemispheres

Yoga Nidra is a form of awareness, we journey deep within, surfing the states between wake and sleep, subconsciousness and full awareness.  As the outer world recedes, our inner realms can expand, bringing our deepest dreams into our consciousness to be manifested as reality. In this practice we will cultivate loving kindness towards ourselves and others.

Open to all, beginners included

This is part of a full of day fun, laughter, talks and practice organised my Menopause Yoga.
More info and booking here: https://www.menopause-yoga.com/events

You will receive joining instructions by email with your booking confirmation. Open to all

Goldendoor via Zoom

Classes £8 each
£35 for 5 classes valid 2 months
£60 for 10 classes valid 3 months
Concessions: £3.50 per class (no questions asked)

  • Class passes are available through the on-line booking system and will only be extended under exceptional circumstances.
  • Entry to the class via the booking system 10 minutes before it starts. Instructions via email once booked.
  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes early as latecomers may not be admitted once the class is underway.