Meditation in Camden & Soho

Short Drop-in Meditation classes at Triyoga

Dina Cohen
Mondays 12pm Camden/ Fridays 11.15 Soho


Take some time out of a busy day to reset and recharge your mind. Introducing various techniques from Mindfulness and other meditation styles that can help you to manage stress and let go of unhelpful habitual thoughts, these short classes are suitable for anyone curious about Meditation and how it works.

Mondays 12-12.30pm Triyoga Camden
Fridays 11.15am-12  Triyoga Soho

Expect to spend some time in a seated position, either on a chair or on props on the floor, although sometimes we practice standing and moving meditations.

There will be opportunities to discuss issues arising from the practice and gain a deeper understanding of how we might cultivate emotional intelligence and  greater ease and well-being.

Suitable for all, no previous experience required.

For further information and booking please visit the Triyoga website


Triyoga, Soho


Triyoga, Soho

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London, W1B 5PW
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