Private Lessons

One-to-One / Private Lessons at Goldendoor or at the venue of your choice

One-to-One / Private Lessons in:

  • Dynamic Flow yoga
  • Beginners yoga
  • Pre/post natal yoga
  • Gentle restorative or yin yoga
  • Yoga for specific injuries or conditions
  • Sleepwell yoga
  • Yoga to build strength and stamina
  • Mindfulness

You may prefer private yoga lessons if:

  • You need to practice at a more convenient time and location
  • You prefer to practice in privacy, or just with your partner or a few friends
  • You are a beginner and would like more personal attention before attending a class
  • You would like the class to be individually tailored for your specific needs
  • Illness, insomnia, recovery and rehabilitation, stress, anxiety or other conditions

Private Lessons

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