An opportunity to learn more...

Learn how to relax fully, sleep better or shift gears with the changing seasons. A chance to delve more deeply into practices that will support you as you negotiate life’s ups and downs

Relax and Restore
7-8.30pm Last Thursday of every month

Relax & Restore

Goldendoor Yoga, Archway
Float in fully supported comfortable postures and let your innate healing system get on with its work. This workshop is great for anyone who wants to learn to relax deeply (that's EVERYONE!). No previous experience required. Next workshop: 30th November 2017
7-8.30pm Thursday 30th November

Surrender to the Night

Goldendoor Yoga, Archway
Prepare for the changing seasons by taking some time out to consider our intentions for the months ahead. This workshop will offer practices to galvanise our energies in tune with the cycles of the changing seasons. A nourishing and restorative practice.


Goldendoor Yoga, Archway
For anyone wanting to learn practices that support better and more nourishing sleep. We will learn the SuperSleep Yoga Sequence (developed by Lisa Sanfilipo) as well as breathing and meditation techniques that encourage relaxation. There will be plenty of time for discussion and advice around healthy sleep hygiene.