Yoga Teachers Workshops and Further Training

An opportunity to learn more...

Yoga Alliance Accredited workshops for teachers and others: Learn how to relax fully, sleep better, integrate mindfulness into your teachings, teach restorative or chair yoga, and organise retreats. A chance to delve more deeply into practices that will support you as you continue to evolve.

1.30-5pm Saturday 29th February 2020

Yoga Teachers Workshop: Free the Flow Sequencing

Goldendoor Yoga, Archway
Explore new ways to upgrade and inspire your creative sequencing, whether you're starting out or looking for new inspiration. We'll delve into intelligent sequencing that can be fired up or toned down depending on the nature of the class. We'll brainstorm and discuss, building our own sequences together, to create a fully interactive and immersive experience for everyone.
23rd-26th April 2020

Teachers Intensive: Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Goldendoor Yoga, Archway
A 40 hr Yoga Alliance accredited teacher intensive suitable for qualified and trainee yoga teachers and therapists of any kind. Learn more about relaxation and the mind/body connection as we break down the Restorative Yoga postures as well as deeply replenishing practices of Yoga Nidra . Comprehensive Training Manual and Completion/Accreditation Certificates provided.
1.30-5pm Saturday 28th March 2020

Teachers Workshop: Adjusting Asana

Goldendoor Yoga, Archway
This half day workshop will look at ways to encourage a safer, more beneficial alignment and deeper experience of asana and when, how and why we might use touch. Lots of discussion and hands on partner work focusing on the basic techniques of applying safe and effective hands-on assists as well as giving appropriate verbal cues. A fully interactive and immersive experience for everyone.