Yoga Teachers Workshops and Further Training

An opportunity to learn more...Yoga Alliance Accredited workshops for teachers : Learn how to spice up your flows, integrate mindfulness into your teachings, teach chair yoga, restorative yoga and yoga nidra. A chance to delve more deeply into practices that will support you as you continue to evolve.

1.30-4.30pm Saturday 5th December 2020

Teachers Workshop: Teaching Accessible Chair Yoga

Online via Zoom
A half-day workshop looking at ways to make yoga accessible for all using a chair. We’ll be a small interactive group offering plenty of opportunity for questions, feedback and discussion. We’ll look at sitting in a chair, standing and balancing with the aid of a chair including structure and planning, use of props, working with physical restrictions and limited mobility.
10am-3pm Saturday 30th January 2021

Yoga Teachers Sequencing Workshop: Free the Flow

Online Via Zoom
New ways to upgrade and inspire our creative sequencing. In this half day workshop we'll look at assembling intelligent sequences that can be fired up or toned down. Including building blocks, warm-ups, flows, punctuation and integration. Invaluable for those who are already choreographing their own flows but feel they could use refresh their ideas, as well offering lots of suggestions and tips for those starting out. £40
Relax and Restore
10th-12th March 2021

Teachers Intensive: Yoga Nidra & Mindulness

Online via Zoom
Yoga Nidra & Mindfulness (20 hr Yoga Alliance accredited) interactive intensive suitable for qualified and trainee yoga teachers and therapists of any kind. Learn more about relaxation and the mind/body connection as we break down the replenishing practices of Yoga Nidra & Mindfulness. Comprehensive Training Manual and Completion/Accreditation Certificates provided.