Dina’s Flow

Welcome to Dina's Dynamic Flow Yoga Experience

Balancing the dynamism and power of a mindful, flowing vinyasa style with the softness and stillness of yin and restorative yoga, this is a comprehensive practice designed to increase flexibility, tone and strengthen the body, soothe the mind, enhance the breath and nourish the soul.

Classes usually begin with a gentle warm-up releasing and limbering all the joints, cultivating breath and body awareness and releasing hips, shoulders and lower back.

We always include core work before building into a more energetic flowing sequence gradually increasing in intensity, synchronising breath and movement and developing strength, stamina, flexibility and mindfulness of movement.

Each posture is presented in a step-by-step format, accessible to beginners, with an emphasis on alignment for safety. As confidence and mastery grow, more challenging variations are offered, whist accessible options are always made available, encouraging an atmosphere of playfulness and experimentation in a non-competitive and nurturing environment.

Not a fan of hot yoga, I prefer the room to be a comfortable temperature and to use the practice to build heat from the inside.

I like to teach with a no-nonsense clarity and simplicity that is grounded, inclusive, refreshing and light-hearted. I try to keep it real.

Sessions gradually wind down with a few yin or restorative postures melting into a deep and replenishing relaxation, soothing the nervous system, leaving us calm, grounded and energised.

As an ex-music journalist I sometimes like to throw in a few tunes to add some environmental ambience.

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