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A little bit about me...

DinaGradually moving away from an accidental career in music journalism and a hedonistic lifestyle that was rapidly losing its lustre, I discovered Yoga in my 30s as a form of damage limitation. It brought me back to my senses, quite literally.

I soon discovered the more dynamic practices that appealed to my appetite for movement and music, my lust for the toned and sculpted body and my aspirations to master the handstand. I completed my first teacher training in Ibiza in 2000.

And now, navigating my way through my ’second spring’, I find that the rewards of s-lo-w-i-n-g down, tuning in and learning to rest deeply have been instrumental in keeping me sane through the inevitable turbulence of this life.

Yoga and mindfulness have enhanced my life and continue to do so in so many beneficial ways, it would be churlish not to share.  But don’t expect incense and chanting: my style is more pragmatic, grounded in many years of practice and personal experience.

My teachings have evolved over 20 years, grounded in over 1,000 hours of trainings with renowned teachers, and experience working with students from all walks of life: refugees and asylum seekers, dancers from the Royal Ballet, seniors practicing Chair Yoga or festival goers that find me plying my trade in a field surrounded by revellers and heavy beats.

I didn’t choose teaching, it seemed to choose me, over and over again.

Registered with Yoga Alliance as a Senior Teacher, Trainer and Continuing Education Provider, I am a mentor for trainee and new teachers and offer my own CPD and teacher immersions. I have worked at the top London studios  including Triyoga and the Life Centre, and now have my own studio Goldendoor where (outiside of lockdown) I run regular classes and trainings. I also offer free online classes for refugees and asylum seekers at the Happy Baby Community and for the mental health charity Mind.

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I have completed over 1,200 hours of teacher training including:

1999-03: Dynamic Yoga TT Godfrey Devereux 300 hrs
2003-07: Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley 150 hrs
2004: Prana Vinyasa Yoga Shiva Rae 50 hrs
2005-06: Yoga Campus Level 2/British Wheel Diploma 300 hrs
2008-12: Restorative Yoga Judith Lasater 100 hrs (30 hrs Advanced training)
2010-11: Certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling Regents College
2012: Yoga for Cancer Survivors Laura Kupperman 60 hrs
2014: Pre/Post Natal Yoga Brahmani 90 hrs
2015-16: Mindfulness Training Institute 100 hrs
2016: Total Yoga Nidra  Uma Dinsmore Tuli 14hrs
2017: Yoga Therapy for Insomnia Lisa Sanfilippo  30 hrs
2018: iRest Yoga Nidra  Richard Miller 30 hrs
2019: Yoga for Anxiety and Depression Lisa Kaley Isley 30 hrs
2020: Yoga Nidra Melanie Cooper & Jennie Wadsten 20 hrs

plus many more influential teachers including: Norman Blair, Donna Farhi, Clive Sheridan, Rod Stryker…and others…

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