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Sofie Vanlommel
Level 1 Beginner
Mondays, 6.30-7.45pm
Taught byDina
Dina Cohen

Slow & Easy Level 1 Online

Dynamic Flow Yoga at Goldendoor via Zoom

An on-going drop-in class suitable for those wishing to learn or revisit the foundational principles of yoga. We will explore breath, the basic postures linked in a flowing sequence. Lots of instruction and attention to alignment details, working on toning and strengthening the body, increasing flexibility and encouraging a calm, focused awareness. Open to all including complete beginners.

4 Seats Left
$100/per week
Tuesdays, 6.30-7.45pm
Taught byDina
Dina Cohen

Feisty Flow Level 2 Online

Dynamic Flow Yoga at Goldendoor via Zoom

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga for anyone looking to take their practice to a deeper level. We will assume a functional understanding of the basic poses, gradually building a coherent, breath-led flowing sequence, becoming progressively more creative and experimental. The more challenging variations will be offered alongside more manageable options. We may include inversions and arm balances. Not suitable for beginners.

0 Seats Left
Open Level
Thurs & Sats 10-11.15am
Taught byDina
Dina Cohen

GowiththeFlow Open Online

Dynamic Flow Yoga at Goldendoor via Zoom

This is a breath-led vinyasa flow class, supporting mobility, flexibility, strength and balance. A gentle warm-up builds into a more dynamic flowing sequence with options offered for all levels, ending with a replenishing relaxation. Suitable for anyone with some experience of yoga in any style, we will assume a basic understanding of the foundational principles. Complete beginners are advised to attend a Level 1 Beginners class or course.

7 Seats Left
$60/per week

£8 per class - 5 classes £35 - 10 classes £60 - Chair Yoga £5 - Community £3.50

Mondays 12-1pm
Goldendoor via Zoom
Taught byDina
Dina Cohen

Chair Yoga Online

Interactive Drop-in accessible Chair Yoga Online

Accessible yoga for anyone interested in learning to move and breathe in a gentle, mindful way, honouring our bodies no matter the physical challenges or limitations. Mobilise, strengthen and stretch with adapted yoga postures including sitting, standing and balancing (with chair support) and relaxation. Suitable for everyone, no previous experience required. Single class £5

Thursdays 12-12.30pm
Goldendoor via Zoom
Taught byDina
Dina Cohen

Sit Fit 30 minute Chair Yoga

Refreshing online reboot

A short chair yoga top-up: breathe, stretch and mobilise major joints and muscle groups particularly around the upper body, neck and shoulders, to refresh, revitalise and enhance clarity and calm for the day ahead. The class will include simple movements, adapted postures, breath awareness and relaxation. Perfect for the deskbound or anyone looking for a midday reboot!

27th December 3-5pm
Taught by Dina
Dina Cohen

Flow & Restore Online

Solstice Mini-Retreat

At the still point of the year, reset and recharge, looking back over 2020 whilst slowly and restoratively stretching. Replenishing breathing practices will prepare us for Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) - a deep and powerful guided relaxation/meditation to reset the nervous system encouraging profound rest and a fertile soil in which to set intentions for the coming year. Open to all.

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Dynamic Flow YogaYoga Teachers : workshops and further training

Saturday 5th December 1.30-4.30pm

Teaching Accessible Chair Yoga

Goldendoor Online via Zoom
This course will provide teacher and carers with new skills and creative ideas to offer to your friends, family or in classes. It’s a great practice for everyone, not just seniors and the less able-bodied, but also those who would like to learn different ways to enjoy their yoga practice without having to get up and down from the floow. Suitable for everyone, no previous experience required.
Saturday 30th January 10am-3pm

Teachers Sequencing Workshop: Free the Flow

Goldendoor Online via Zoom
New ways to upgrade and inspire our creative sequencing. In this half day workshop we'll look at assembling intelligent sequences that can be fired up or toned down. Including building blocks, warm-ups, flows, punctuation and integration. Invaluable for those who are already choreographing their own flows but feel they could do with some refreshing inspiration, as well offering lots of suggestions and tips for those starting out.
Relax and Restore
10th-12th March 2021

Teachers Intensive online CPD: Yoga Nidra & Mindfulness

Goldendoor online via Zoom
Yoga Nidra & Mindfulness (20 hr Yoga Alliance accredited) interactive intensive suitable for qualified and trainee yoga teachers and therapists of any kind. Learn more about relaxation and the mind/body connection as we break down the replenishing practices of Yoga Nidra & Mindfulness. Comprehensive Training Manual and Completion/Accreditation Certificates provided.

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